Susan Spencer-Wendel, A Person I Was Honored to Call “Friend”

Late last week, I was saddened to hear of the passing of my friend, Susan Spencer-Wendel.  Like so many other attorneys, I came to know Susan over the many years she walked the halls of the Palm Beach County Courthouse trying to obtain all angles of the many cases she covered.  Like a fly on the wall, she was made herself inconspicuous – that is, until she would quietly approach and asked if you “had a few minutes to answer just a few questions.”  Or, you might just get a call requesting a comment.

I had the chance to make a personal connection with Susan years ago when we participated in the State Prison Tour, which was first organized by the late Circuit Court Judge Marvin Mounts.  We rode together on a leg between institutions.  That is when I learned so much about her upbringing, family, and unique perspective on life.

Susan Spencer-Wendel touched the lives of so many people, both personally, and through her fair and unbiased reporting of the news.  I learned even more of how brave, strong, dignified and graceful a woman she was in the way that she faced her diagnosis and her approach on life and living, including the realities of dying in her book, Until I Say Goodbye.  I will miss you my friend.

Here is a link to the Palm Beach Post article written in her honor last week:


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