Drug Possession and Trafficking


Throughout his 20 years of experience as a South Florida drug charges lawyer, John M. Howe has defended many individuals against the following drug charges:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug possession for sale
  • Transportation of drugs
  • Narcotics sales
  • Distribution or intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Cultivation of marijuana

Choosing an experienced drug crimes lawyer is crucial. The south Florida Law Office of John M. Howe is familiar with Florida’s drug laws and constitutional law, which protect individuals from unlawful arrests and illegal search and seizure. Constitutional violations can result in the exclusion of evidence and dismissal of your case. The firm will thoroughly research your case to determine whether or not you are eligible for drug treatment programs offered as alternatives to incarceration.

Such programs include:

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI): If a person is charged with a lower-level drug possession offence, he or she can, through the program, have their cases removed from the courts trial docket. They agree to complete certain requirements such as a substance abuse evaluation, community service hours or drug abuse counseling. In exchange for completing the conditions, and if there are no new arrests, the charges are dismissed by the state.

Drug court: A one-year program in which non-violent drug offenders participate in daily, weekly or monthly counseling, random drug testing, and weekly progress review before a judge. Upon completion, the initial drug charges can be dismissed.

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