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Driving with a suspended license

For most Floridians, it is nearly impossible to live their lives without driving. Many legal offenses, however, result in a suspension of driving privileges. These two things do not go together well so it is not surprising that many offenders get caught driving with a suspended license. The Law Office of John M. Howe helps people throughout the South Florida area who have been caught driving with a suspended license. With more than 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Howe has the knowledge to lessen your punishments, reconcile your record, and work toward an expungement, if necessary. Contact us for a free phone consultation.

Reasons for suspended licenses

Florida courts can suspend driving licenses for a vast number or reasons. Some are intuitive, such as DUI or getting too many points on your license (12 points in one year for example). Many have nothing to do with driving, such as failing to pay a civil judgment, failure to pay child support, or possession of marijuana as a minor, etc.

As a full-service criminal defense lawyer, The Law Office of John M. Howe can help you with accusations of driving on a suspended license, as well as other charges you are facing. We can also help you regain your driver’s license. We have helped thousands of people throughout south Florida with everything from drug possession to assault charges.

Possible Punishments

Many people see driving with suspended license as a minor offense but Florida courts do not see it that way. Typical punishments include more than $1000 in fines, car impoundment, and even jail time. In Florida, receiving three convictions for driving with a suspended license within a five-year time span will cause you to be classified as a habitual traffic offender subjecting you to harsher penalties. Driving on a suspended license is a felony offense and is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

It is very important to know that you can only be guilty of driving with a suspended license if you were aware that your license was suspended. Often the DMV has neglected to tell people that their license has been suspended. They may claim to have mailed a notice when it was never received by the driver.

Working with the DMV

Dealing with the Florida DMV is a bizarre process involving a maze of bureaucratic steps. The laws are practically unknown and often don’t make sense. In cases of driving with a suspended license, there are often many procedures to work through. The Law Office of John M. Howe can represent you before the DMV and explain your situation. Mr. Howe regularly works through bureaucracy and guides clients toward re-establishing their driving privileges.

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