Firearm Possession


Florida firearm laws are complex for even most lawyers. The Law Office of John M. Howe, however, has spent more than 20 years helping dozens of people faced with firearm charges. A leader in the criminal defense and legal communities, Mr. Howe has served as Past-President for the Palm Beach County Bar Association and the Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He served as director of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and currently serves on its executive committee.

It is important to be a responsible gun owner but occasionally, due to the complexities of the law, you can still run afoul of Florida statutes. Even if you have no intention of unlawful use and are simply going to the shooting range. If you simply transport the firearm in an incorrect manner, you can be charged with possession of a gun in public.

If you are charged, you can:

  • Lose your right to possess a firearm
  • Face a large fine
  • Face time in jail or prison

Many people are prohibited from possession because of a previous felony conviction; sometime even misdemeanors result in losing your rights to possess firearms. These factors affect how you will be treated if you are convicted of the unlawful possession. Rather than trying to figure out your legal standing on your own, it is best to explain your situation to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Concealed firearms are frequently problematic

In Florida, carrying a concealed weapon is frequently problematic. But as in every other aspect of Florida firearm law, the rules depend on many factors that are too complex to be adequately explored online. Talk with the Law Office of John M. Howe to schedule a meeting.

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