Business and Asset Purchases

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The purchase of a business or business assets is a venture that can be exciting, but it also comes with a great deal of risk for potential buyers. Unexpected problems can arise during a transaction or after follow-up proceedings. These consequences can cost a great deal of time and money, but can be avoided with business purchase agreements that protect your best interests.

An experienced business firm, the Law Office of John M. Howe understands that avoiding problems in business transactions is an important goal, but that any day your transaction goes unresolved, money is wasted. We are dedicated to helping business clients resolve purchases in an efficient and cost-effective manner without wasting time or money. We offer prompt, responsive and personal service that your transaction deserves.

Business and Asset Purchases

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When purchasing a business, business stock or other business asset, it is important to know what it is that you are really buying. By performing due diligence prior to the completion of a business transaction, it is possible to find out about any potential problems that could occur down the road. This due diligence includes:

  • Looking for any liens that exist on the property.
  • Checking for any back taxes that are owed on the property.
  • Finding proof that tax returns have been properly filed for previous years and all debts have been resolved by the original property owners.
  • Contract examination to see if it adequately protect the clients’ best interests.

The Law Office of John M. Howe can perform these steps and help you avoid problems that could threaten you, your business or your financial security. We provide legal service and representation in business formation, business and commercial litigation, and other aspects of corporate law.

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The Law Office John M. Howe provides cost-effective legal services for business and asset purchases, and for a variety of other commercial issues. We have helped many potential and current business owners solve problems now and avoid problems in the future. From his office in West Palm Beach, Florida, attorney John M. Howe serves the southeast region from Vero Beach to the Keys.

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