Hit and Run Accidents

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Hit and Run AccidentThe state of Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state. Practically speaking, this means that if you’re injured in a hit and run accident, your own insurance company is responsible for paying a portion of your medical costs and lost wages. While state law requires motorists to carry at least $10,000 in PIP (personal injury protection) and PDL (property damage liability) protection, most car, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents exceed these amounts.

If you have uninsured / underinsured coverage, you should be able to recover damages in hit and run accidents. Florida, however, is a comparative negligence state. This means a judge can reduce the amount of compensation by the percentage of fault assigned. This leads insurers to try to assign as much fault to you as possible: the more fault assigned to you, the more your claim can be reduced.

That’s why it’s important to retain an attorney who can investigate what happened and challenge insurance companies in hit and run cases. At the Law Office of John M. Howe, we have the experience and resources needed to ensure hit and run victims receive the compensation they need and deserve. To schedule a free consultation, contact hit and run accident lawyer John M. Howe today.

Understanding what’s in your policy

If you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident, the first place to begin is your insurance policy. Understanding what kind of coverage you have and what the terms actually say is important in any dealings with insurance claims agents. Claims agents and customer service representatives don’t always provide accurate information and may mislead you into thinking you’re partially covered or not covered at all. Hiring an attorney to represent you can ensure your rights are protected and the terms of your policy honored.

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There are a number of issues that must be addressed in hit and run cases. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. Howe has dealt extensively with insurance companies and understands the laws and regulations that apply. If an insurer takes an inordinate amount of time to settle your case, they may be financially liable for bad faith insurance practices.

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