Partnership Agreements

South Florida Partnership Agreement Attorney John M. Howe

Handshake of businesspeopleAs your company builds, expands and employs new people, it often makes sense to bring in a new partner who can add diversity, strength, and talent to the team. Whether you are building a partnership with an investor, an expert or a trusted colleague, your goal should be to ensure that you and your company are well positioned for success and insulated from hardship.

South Florida Law Office of John M. Howe can help you build a partnership agreement that secures your company’s goals while meeting the personal and professional needs of those involved. Working closely with you and your business, we can offer assistance and guidance through negotiating and finalizing partnerships.

A Thorough and Experienced Business Lawyer

South Florida business law Attorney John M. Howe comes from a diverse business and corporate law background. He can help your company protect its interests through the partnership agreement formation process by tackling any challenges that threaten to block the way. Rely on Attorney John M. Howe for guidance in:

  • Negotiating
  • Drafting documents and contracts
  • Filing with state and federal agencies
  • Reviewing terms meticulously
  • Establishing long-term protection
  • Handling partnership disputes

Many business owners compare partnerships to marriage. They can be intensely beneficial to all parties when they work and destructive when they do not. The decisions you make now to protect your company can have a significant impact on any future disputes. Attorney John M. Howe’s commercial law experience will help you make the best decisions.

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