Personal Injury

Couple Reading Letter In Respect Of Husband's Neck InjuryHave you, your spouse or another family member been injured due the negligent acts of another? Although personal injury law has many facets, every personal injury case has essentially one thing in common. A person was injured due to the negligence or malfeasance of another. People do not leave their homes expecting to become the victim of another’s negligence.

Accordingly, if you or your family member have been the victim of negligence and have been injured, you will almost certainly need to access medical care. You may have to take time from work, or you may be unable to perform your current work duties, perform daily life duties or participate in family activities. You may ultimately need, or even already had, to have surgery as the result of your injuries. All of these consequences are recognized under the law as compensable damages. If you or your family member have been damaged, you are entitled to be compensated under any existing insurance policy which may be available or from corporate assets if you were injured by the negligence of a corporation.

Be aware, insurance companies and corporations are not in business to compensate you for damages, and they will never play fair with you. Even your own insurance carrier will do all it can to avoid paying your legitimate claim.

Our family at the law Offices of John M. Howe are committed to fighting your fight and to protecting your rights and the rights of your family to ensure that you receive justice and nothing less. We will work on your case using a team based approach from intake, your medical treatment process, negotiations and settlement or trial. Our ultimate thrill is to deliver justice to our clients and sharing in their gratitude.

In addition to the investigators and paralegals on our office support staff, we work with seasoned in-house legal professionals and a proven network of medical, investigative and academic professionals. These experts bring the full weight of their experience and resources to building and presenting your case. Their efforts assist our team in prosecuting your case and is effectively used in settlement negotiations and when necessary, in the courtroom.

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