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Personal Injury FAQs

Am I required to buy auto insurance in Florida to own or lease a car?
Are business owners responsible for gates or loading doors?
Are punitive damages available for a Florida auto accident?
Are punitive damages available for a Florida motorcycle accident?
Are the shoes or clothing I was wearing during my Florida slip and fall injury important?
Are trucking accidents more serious than car accidents?
Are witnesses important in a Florida slip and fall case?
Aside from rear end collisions, are there any other liability patterns for Florida auto accidents?
Can I recover from a Florida store for injuries sustained when i slipped on a spilled liquid?
Can I sue an apartment building owner for negligent security for a rape that occurred?
Can I sue the police for false arrest?
Can I sue the truck drivers and trucking company for my injuries?
Do business owners have a duty to lock common entryway doors?
Do I have a claim if injured by an unsafe condition?
Do I have negligent security claim?
Do I have to talk to the other party’s insurance adjuster if injured in a Florida slip and fall?
Do I need an injury attorney for my Florida motorcycle accident?
Do property owners have a duty to provide security guards?
Do property owners or landlords have a duty to screen prospective tenants with background checks?
How do I know if I can file a Florida motorcycle accident lawsuit?
How long do I have after my motorcycle accident to file my Florida motorcycle injury case?
How soon should I contact counsel in a Florida pedestrian accident case?
I injured someone in a Florida car accident, and the insurance company won’t settle
I was at injured at a neighbor’s house party. Can I recover damages?
I was injured by a minor who was served alcohol by my neighbor
I was injured in a robbery at a shopping center. Can I sue?
If I am injured in an unlighted Florida parking lot, is the owner responsible?
If I don’t know the full extent of my truck accident injuries, should i still contact a lawyer?
If I miss work after my Florida car accident can I recover lost wages?
Is a Florida landlord responsible for injuries on the premises?
Is the shopping center responsible if I’m injured in a robbery?
Must I give a recorded statement to the insurance company in a Florida auto accident case?
Must I repay my health insurance if I win my case?
Should I contest the citation from my Florida auto accident case?
Should I go to the doctor after my Florida auto accident?
Should I report my Florida slip and fall injury to the property manager?
Should I seek medical treatment if hurt in a slip and fall?
Should l investigate the facts of my Florida car accident on my own?
The driver who caused my Florida accident had failed drug tests
The truck driver in my Florida tractor trailer accident just started? Is this important?
What constitutes pain and suffering in a Florida auto accident case?
What documentation should I bring when I meet my Florida injury attorney?
What if I can’t afford expert witnesses in my Florida truck accident case? Part A
What if I cannot afford expert witnesses in my Florida truck accident case? Part B
What if I don’t have medical insurance and have medical expenses?
What if I miss work after my Florida car accident?
What if the other driver in my Florida car accident doesn’t have insurance?
What if the trucking company’s insurance company calls?
What is a negligent security claim?
What should I do after my Florida motorcycle accident?
What should I do after my Florida slip and fall?
Who must pay for my Florida car accident injuries?
Who pays the costs to bring my case?
Why is the insurance company asking me about my injuries?


Criminal Defense FAQs

Am I always going to know if I am the target of a federal investigation?
Am I subject to asset forfeiture in drug possession or drug dealing cases?
An FBI agent called and requested an interview. Do need a lawyer?
Are there even stricter punishments for different drug offenses?
Can I sue the police for false arrest?
Can I to fight Florida criminal charges based on an illegal search and arrest?
Can police legally stop me even if I did nothing wrong?
Can the police take my cell phone if investigating a crime?
Do I need to retain an attorney?
How do people get out of jail after being arrested in Florida?
I was arrested for drugs found in my car that were not mine. What do I do?
I was arrested in Florida for drug possession. What happens next?
I’ve been arrested. What should I do?
If am pulled over in Florida for a traffic infraction, when can they search my car?
If I am innocent, do I still need a criminal defense lawyer?
If I did nothing wrong, why do I need an attorney?
My girlfriend and I were in a fight, and I was arrested. Can she have the charges dropped?
The officer says they will go easy on me if I co-operate. Really?
What are Drug Diversion Programs?
What are my rights if I am accused of a crime in Florida?
What can be expunged from a Florida criminal record?
What constitutes a hate crime?
What do grand juries do?
What happens if my child is arrested in Florida?
What is a criminal arraignment? Will I be released on bail? Should I take a plea at an arraignment?
What is R.I.C.O. and racketeering?
What is the difference between detention and arrest in Florida?
What is the difference between drug possession, sale, and trafficking laws?
What is white collar crime?
What to do if your love one is arrested?
When am I actually under arrest?
When do I have the right to counsel lawyer?
Who investigates and prosecutes federal crimes?



Are the standardized field sobriety tests accurate?
Can a person be guilty of drunk driving in florida if they only had one drink?
Do I have to go to court for my Florida DUI case?
How can I apply for a formal DMV Hearing?
How can I get my drivers license back if it was suspended after a drunk driving conviction?
If I am convicted of DUI, what is the worst thing that can happen to me?
What are ignition interlock devices?
What happens if I refuse a Florida DUI breath test?
What is Florida’s open container law?
Why should I go to for answers about my Florida D.U.I. case?


Wrongful Death FAQs 

Are punitive damages available in Florida wrongful death cases?
Are there special rules if I want to sue the government for a wrongful death?
Are there special rules in Florida medical wrongful death is cases?
Can I bring a Florida wrongful death action for the death of a child or an elderly parent?
How much will it cost me to bring a wrongful death claim?
How soon should I contact counsel in a Florida wrongful death case?
Is my Florida tractor trailer accident case different if my family member is killed?
Who can sue in Florida motorcycle accident injury and death cases?